Every year firefighters are called out to BBQ related incidents. The Gas Safe register has revealed shocking figures of the number of dangerous gas related incidents caused by gas leaks, explosions and fires due to bad maintenance of BBQs. To help reduce these numbers, we have put together some top tips to staying Gas Safe this Summer; especially when using gas BBQs.

Here are our top tips on BBQ Safety and staying Gas Safe when using Gas BBQs this Summer:

1. Have your barbecue serviced before use in the Summer. You should be getting your boiler serviced annually, and your gas bbq is no different!
2. Do not try to fix a Gas BBQ yourself. Call CES and we will send round a Gas Safe registered engineer.
3. Do not leave the BBQ unattended at any time.
4. Ensure your BBQ is on flat ground, this will reduce the risk of it falling over.
5. Only use approved BBQ fuel
6. If you are using a bottled gas barbecue, make sure the controls and the cylinder valve are turned off before you change the cylinder.
7. When you’ve finished cooking, turn off the gas cylinders before you turn off the barbecue controls, this will use up any gas in the pipeline
8. Keep your BBQ outside even once you’ve finished cooking as it can still give off dangerous fumes for hours after use.
9. Once your BBQ has cooled down, keep it in your garage with the garage doors shut or garden shed to ensure no fumes enter the house.


Remember, always ensure that you call a Gas Safe engineer when dealing with gas BBQs to ensure your BBQ safety and the safety of others. CES are Gas Safe registered and all of our engineers are qualified to work with gas. Anyone employed to work on gas appliances in domestic premises must be Gas Safe registered and competent in that area of gas work.


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