26th June 2017
BBQ Safety

BBQ Safety: Stay Gas Safe this Summer

Every year firefighters are called out to BBQ related incidents. The Gas Safe register has revealed shocking figures of the number of dangerous gas related incidents caused by gas leaks, explosions and fires due to bad maintenance of BBQs. To help reduce these numbers, we have put together some top tips to staying Gas Safe this Summer; especially when using […]
26th May 2017
gas safe plumber

How To Find A Good Local Gas Safe Plumber

We understand that there is always a worry when hiring a plumber that they may not be gas safe. For your peace of mind all of our engineers are NICEIC & Gas Safe registered, ensuring that all operational and safety standards are met consistently and effectively. But how do you find a local gas safe plumber in your area? Here […]
3rd April 2017
high water bills

What could be the cause of my recent high water bills?

The most common cause for inexplicable high water bills is a continuously running toilet. A leaking toilet can double a family’s water use, using up to 200 gallons a day! Other common causes of high water bills include leaking taps and loose fixtures, irrigation leaks in the garden, recent changes in water use (an extra person moving into the home) […]
24th February 2017
drain cleaners safe for pipes

Are liquid drain cleaners safe for pipes?

This is an extremely common question asked by homeowners all over the world. Most liquid or chemical drain cleaners will combat the problem temporarily, but hardly any provide a long term fix. The chemicals used can also be harmful to pipes, causing corrosion and damage to your pipes in the long run. The easy solution to all of this is […]
24th February 2017
drain smells like sewer

What to do if your drain smells like a sewer

Unfortunately, not everything can be flushed away by the miracle of indoor plumbing. Sometimes odours come right back up the way you sent them down, filling your home with a distasteful smell. Luckily, there are usually very simply explanations for your drain smelling like a sewer – and you probably won’t even need to call in a plumber! Smells coming […]
25th January 2017

Enter Our Competition For The Chance to Win!

WIN a Beautiful Stainless Steel Water Bottle!   We have partnered with Jerry Bottle Water Charity to give you a Competition that Gives Twice: We give you a Jerry Bottle and Jerry Bottle gives 100% of its profits to fund water projects across the world! TO ENTER: Submit a photo of your partner’s (or your) DIY FAIL: – Via Facebook […]