Unfortunately, not everything can be flushed away by the miracle of indoor plumbing. Sometimes odours come right back up the way you sent them down, filling your home with a distasteful smell. Luckily, there are usually very simply explanations for your drain smelling like a sewer – and you probably won’t even need to call in a plumber!

Smells coming from your kitchen sink?

Your u-bend could be dry. If you have a look under your kitchen sink, you should see a pipe shaped like a U, this is the water trap. The U-bend isn’t in place to catch your jewellery (although if you drop anything down the sink, this will hopefully be where you can find it). The real purpose of the U-bend is to create a water barrier between all the bad stuff you wash down the drain and your home. If it is dry, then all the bad smells will waft back up into your kitchen, and that could be the reason your drain smells like a sewer.

How do you fix it? Pour water down the sink until you fill the trap! If the smells continue, call in a plumber.

Bathroom drain smells like rotten eggs?

Clean the pipes! Bathroom drains are hard done by, with a lot of unlovely things being washed away down the drain. If your drain smells like rotten eggs or sewer, then it could be that you simply have to give them a clean. Try a home brew of baking soda vinegar or lemon and boiling water.

Pour some baking soda down the drain, followed by the vinegar or lemon (lemon leaves your bathroom smelling like a dream, but is more expensive). Let that sit and follow with boiling water. You could also try scour the inside of the pipe with a pipe brush.

If that doesn’t do the trick then we are just a phone call away. We are your emergency plumbers in Essex and London. We come with a huge knowledge of the trade and a promise not to drink all of your tea! 🙂

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