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26th May 2015
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How To Fix A Leaking Tap

A leaky tap can be an inconvenience, but can also rapidly increase your water bill and cost you a minimum of £40 if you choose to use a plumber. On the other hand, with little or even no previous experience and a small amount of determination, you can fix this problem yourself in no time at all. The following steps will take you through the possible causes, tools needed and step by step process;

The Most Common Causes of a Leaky Tap

Generally, it is wear and tear to one of the three washers inside the tap that causes the leak. These are called; The 12mm washer, O ring and the jumper valve and it’s worth replacing all three to save having to revisit the job in the near future. You can ensure that you have the correct valves for replacement by removing the old ones and taking them to your DIY store for a match when purchasing the new ones.

The Tools Needed to Fix a Leaky Tap

The only tools you will need to complete the task is a spanner and a screwdriver. You will also need the following:

  • 12mm washer
  • O ring
  • Jumper valve
  • A cloth

A Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Turn off the water supply to the house using the stop cock, then turn the leaking tap on to ensure that it is fully drained of water. Also put the plug in place – this will prevent any small parts going down the drain.

Step 2: There will be a screw, either in view on the side of the tap or under the hot and cold button (if it is hidden here, then use the screwdriver to pop off the button to allow access). Remove the screw and remove the handle, you may need to also untwist the lower tap cover if there is one.

Step 3: Using your spanner, unscrew the bonnet of the tap. You can then remove this part, revealing the three washers, be aware that the jumper valve will fall into the sink.

Step 4: Replace the three new rings into the same positions as the old ones and follow these instructions backwards to put the tap back together.

Step 5: Open up the stopcock again and check that your leak has stopped. Pat yourself on the back, you did it!

So, be brave and save yourself some money by fixing your leaky tap yourself with these simple, step by step instructions.

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