24th February 2017
drain cleaners safe for pipes

Are liquid drain cleaners safe for pipes?

This is an extremely common question asked by homeowners all over the world. Most liquid or chemical drain cleaners will combat the problem temporarily, but hardly any provide a long term fix. The chemicals used can also be harmful to pipes, causing corrosion and damage to your pipes in the long run. The easy solution to all of this is […]
24th February 2017
drain smells like sewer

What to do if your drain smells like a sewer

Unfortunately, not everything can be flushed away by the miracle of indoor plumbing. Sometimes odours come right back up the way you sent them down, filling your home with a distasteful smell. Luckily, there are usually very simply explanations for your drain smelling like a sewer – and you probably won’t even need to call in a plumber! Smells coming […]