Although they make up a small part of your property and are often forgotten, it is essential to keep your gutters clean. This is especially true in the Autumn and Winter months that we are quickly approaching. In these months the leaves begin to fall, moss begins to form and the rain starts to fall even harder than before, making the gutters job much harder and potentially causing them to overflow or leak. Leaky gutters can cause a whole host of issues for your home, to help you get motivated to clean yours, we’ve listed a few below!

1. Mould and Mildew

Gutters that are overflowing on a regular basis will often lead to some type of mould forming in the areas that get damp. A common place for this to occur is on the fascia boards and/or the soffit (where your gutters connect to the house) which are normally made of wood and will be susceptible to rotting. If your fascia board rots it can put you back in excess of £1650!

2. Pests

A lesser known problem caused by neglecting the maintenance of your gutters is that you increase the risk of creating a great habitat for insects and rodents. Five of the most common creatures that inhabit gutters are rodents, bees/wasps, birds, termites and mosquitoes, many of these could result in a costly call out of the pest control.

3. Leaks

Possibly one of the most serious problems caused by overflowing gutters is the threat of leaks in your home. The job of a gutter is to direct water away from your home, so in the event that your gutter is overflowing water seeps into your home and cause serious leaks. These leaks could damage valuable possessions or even lead to mould being formed in your home. This is especially dangerous in the Winter because Ice dams can form when this water freezes, as the ice begins to form it expands and can cause cosmetic or structural damage in your home.

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