Are you ready for the floods? Every summer we are fooled by what seems to be an amazing summer, for a week, which is then banished by the return heavy rain, tremendous hail and even lightening! It’s no secret that British weather is becoming increasingly more turbulent, and meteorologists have estimated that with this climate change there will be a 34% increase in our monthly rainfall winter, which means one thing: major flooding. 

Do you remember the floods that took over the UK in 2015/16? The aftermath was devastating, 16,000 homes were flooded, and it was named the wettest December in a century. And unfortunately, as the planet continues to warm up due to pollution, the extra moisture in the air will only intensify rainfall. Now, we aren’t here to preach to you about looking at your own emissions (although it’s not a bad idea), in fact, we are here to help you to focus on flood resilience and flood defence, to help you to pre-plan and protect against these inevitable floods. 

The top 3 things that we would advise to you to protect and prepare your homes for floods are:

  1. Move your electric sockets higher up the wall
  2. Have separate electrical circuits for upper and lower floors
  3. Move your boiler upstairs


If you’re reading this thinking, ‘my area never floods’, or ‘we were flooded last year, but this year we seem fine’, do not be fooled! Scientists have found evidence to support that storms are arriving later than usual, so river flooding will happen later than last year every year.

So as boring as it may seem, if you live in a flood risk area, you should choose now to prepare for a flood. Don’t wait until it happens; you may not have time.

Download a free personal flood plan guide below:

For other tips and advice on preparing your home for flooding, please give us a call on 020 3370 3719 or email us.

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