How do I know if I’m Gas Safe?

Over 5.5 million people in the UK fail to get their gas appliances checked each year. This means that over half of the population is putting their homes and themselves at risk. With Christmas well and truly here, millions of homes will be warmed around the country, with homeowners turning on their gas appliances and boilers to heat their homes.

If you want to ensure that you have a happy and safe festive period this year, make sure that you are Gas Safe this Christmas. Unchecked gas appliances can lead to dangerous gas leaks, fires and carbon monoxide poisoning, which can not only be harmful to you and your family, but can also result in thousands of pounds in damage to your home.

CES Reactive offers gas inspections and gas safety checks to homeowners in Essex and London. Gas inspections are safe, quick and inexpensive and can ensure the protection of you and your family this Christmas. Don’t follow the rest of the population and organise a gas safety check today.

Call CES Reactive for emergency gas services if:

  • You can smell gas
  • You have a gas leak
  • There is a yellow or orange flame instead of blue (when the hob is turned on)
  • Pilot light blows out
  • You notice an increase of condensation on the windows


If you are renting, it is your landlord’s responsibility to ensure that the rented accommodation is Gas Safe. This means that you should have a smoke alarm installed, a carbon monoxide alarm and a gas safety check once a year. If you are unsure, contact your landlord to enquire about the gas safety of your accommodation.


For any gas related emergencies or to book a gas safety check, please contact CES reactive today on 020 3370 3719

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