26th July 2015

How To Save Water

Water conservation is something we should all be making a priority, and the good news is that saving water doesn’t have to disrupt your day-to-day routine. Believe it or not, making just a few small changes in the kitchen, bathroom, utility room, and in the garden can not only help you to do your part for the environment, but also […]
26th June 2015

How to Reset Your Toilet Water Tank

If you notice that your toilet is flushing very slowly, or if your flush is ineffective or even non-existent, don’t panic! A poorly flushing toilet is rarely the sign of major problems – instead, it’s more likely to be the result of a low water level in the cistern. What’s the Correct Water Level? There’s no set amount of water […]
26th May 2015

How To Dry Out a Flooded Garage

With a heavy duty, durable concrete base, you may think your garage is completely waterproof. That is, until you step foot onto a soggy, spongy floor! Concrete has a very porous nature, which means it quickly and easily absorbs water. If a pipe bursts, or if you’ve experienced heavy rainfall, that concrete is going to gulp down water like there’s […]
13th May 2015

How To Fix A Leaking Tap

A leaky tap can be an inconvenience, but can also rapidly increase your water bill and cost you a minimum of £40 if you choose to use a plumber. On the other hand, with little or even no previous experience and a small amount of determination, you can fix this problem yourself in no time at all. The following steps […]