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How to Move a Fridge or Heavy White Goods by Yourself

Dirt? What dirt? If you’re guilty of simply brushing dust underneath your fridge and forgetting about it, it’s time to get out the dust pan! The good news is that it’s actually really easy to move large appliances and give a thorough clean underneath – even if you live by yourself. Here’s some handy tips to ensure you stay safe while moving heavy objects:


While it’s tempting to just get stuck in, there is a small amount of preparation to do first to ensure the whole process goes without a hitch. Firstly, empty your fridge or appliance of anything that could move about inside – not only does this reduce the risk of messy spills, but any shifts in weight while you’re moving the fridge can affect your hold and balance and send you flying! Whether or not you remove shelves inside the fridge is your call – if you’d prefer to keep them inside, add a bit of tape to secure them a little better and keep them in place.

Also be sure you know the exact route you’re taking when moving your fridge, and, perhaps more importantly, make sure that the appliance will comfortably fit through any doorways! There’s few situations worse than getting yourself trapped in a corner while holding a 55 kilogram fridge freezer!

Moving Methods


If you can’t find a buddy or a friendly neighbour to help you out, you need to take particular care when moving a large appliance to avoid accident or injury. There are two methods for moving an appliance on your own that greatly reduce this risk: using a dolly, and using furniture sliders.


  • Appliance Dolly


Don’t worry if you don’t have an appliance dolly lying around at home – not many of us do! However, you can easily rent one from some storage companies, moving companies, or tool shops. You should find it simple to slide the dolly right underneath the fridge for easy moving – if you’re struggling, try lifting the front edge of the appliance very gently before sliding the dolly into place. Remember to secure the fridge onto the dolly with strong moving straps or rope.


  • Furniture Sliders


You can pick up furniture sliders from most DIY stores, but if you’re feeling adventurous you could also try your hand at making your own. Cut a piece of strong plastic so that it’s a little bigger than the feet of your appliance, and glue a foam pad to one side. When dry, place the feet onto the pad, and use the natural slipperiness of the plastic to slide the fridge out from the wall. Just be careful of scratches on hardwood flooring and kitchen linoleum.


Moving the Appliance


Slide or wheel the appliance out just far enough so that you can safely remove the plug – you don’t want to yank it from the wall! Continue to slowly and gently move the appliance, keeping an eye out for any wires that may have become tangled over the years. Try to keep the fridge upright as best you can, and never place it on it’s back as you may damage the cooling element.


Of course, having a helpful assistant around when you’re moving a fridge or large appliance is always handy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it yourself. With a bit of careful planning and the right equipment, there’s no need to struggle and strain to move large items around your home. Try it out and see how easy it really is.


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