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Mon/Fri 8am-5pm Mon/Fri 6pm-7am Sat/Sun 8am-5pm Sat/Sun 6pm-7am
Electrical £75 £120 £120 £120
Plumbing £75 £120 £120 £120
Heating £80 £150 £150 £150

Mon/Fri 8am-5pm 1 BED 2 BED 3 BED 4 BED
Elec certs £120 £150 £180 £220
Gas certs £95 £95 £105 £105
Materials charged at cost plus 20%
All Prices detailed above are inclusive of parking/congestion and card fee's
We also accept credit and debit cards

Price Match

<b>Price Match</b>
CES Reactive now offers Price Match. To ensure you're getting unbeatable value, our Price Match Promise gives you the added security that you're getting the best value and service possible.

The CES Group of companies consists of Electrical, Plumbing, Heating and ventilation services to all types of clients from private to commercial to housing associations.

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