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Top 6 Ways to save Heat In The House during colder times

While winter isn’t coming just yet (A certain northern family will have to hold on for a little while yet), the weather is indeed getting colder. When temperatures drop, houses lose a surprising amount of heat energy which can lead to you spending more money on keeping you or your house warm during these cold times. So, because we love being as helpful as we can, we’ve compiled a list of 6 ways to save heat energy in your house and to spend as little as possible on keeping your fingers and toes warm during the long nights.

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The sun! The biggest source of heat in the entire galaxy, and it’s yours to use whenever. During the day we recommend you should keep your curtains open to let in as much sun as you can (or as much as there is). During the night or the unfortunate occurrence that there may be no daylight, keep your curtains closed to trap heat energy escaping through the windows. If you have any, you should have quite thick curtains to keep in as much as you can. If you don’t, thermal curtains are definitely a recommended purchase as they aren’t that expensive, with some averaging at around £10, depending on where you look.


Radiators are probably the main source of energy in most average households. Most of the time they do a good job but you’d be surprised at how much heat is actually lost through them through the walls. One of the more simple ways to solve this is to place tinfoil behind the radiators to reflect heat given off back into the room. Just obviously make sure you don’t touch it when the radiator is on and that it’s good quality. There’s even some kind of foils made especially for this. This technique should especially be used with radiators attached to external walls. CES offers radiator replacement services should you find any issues with yours. Check the website out for more details on the heating services we offer.


Whilst this won’t apply to all households, a lot of heat can be lost through chimneys, used or not. The best money saving kind of fireplace would obviously be a wood-burner as you don’t have to pay for gas or electricity. After a toasty fire has burnt out, if the chimney is then not blocked, an incredible amount of heat can be lost. As heat rises, a lot of it will rise straight up the chimney and out of the house! Items such as woollen chimney insulators and chimney balloons that can be inflated inside the chimney to block any cold air sinking down, and any hot air escaping. Both of these are relatively cheap, however, always remember to remove these before starting a fire. If you don’t your house could become a lot more hot than you would like.

Dress up warm!

Seems a bit obvious, but regardless, dressing up as warm as you can is always important. The warmer you dress, the lower you can put your temperature on your thermostat or your radiators. Multiple layers and some nice wooly socks are a strong recommendation.

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Setting timers on thermostats

Most modern thermostats will have the ability for you to decide what time they turn on and off. It is a commonly believed myth that leaving them on all day is best. If the weather is as cold as it unfortunately gets sometimes, instead of leaving it on all day, try setting it to turning the heat on earlier in the day rather than turning it on suddenly to warm up the house.


Bare floor surfaces can often lose a lot of heat energy through them. So whether you then carpet your entire floor (which would obviously be more time consuming and expensive) or purchase a few, in any size you want, you are already saving a lot of heat energy. Carpets can come in any shape and size, and depending on your personal preference, can cause practically nothing, or a fair amount. According to the NEF (National Energy Foundation), if not insulated properly, floors can account to up to 10% of heat loss in the house hold.

We hope you find our list helpful and keep yourself warm when the cold comes knocking on your door!
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