CES Reactive provide our customers in London and Essex with a multitude of services, including the full rewiring of your home. It’s common, as technology evolves, that our houses have to evolve with the times. That means that many older homes are in need of rewiring to stay up to date and to make sure your home is safe. There are so many ways to make your life a whole lot easier, and one of those ways is to make the electricity running through our homes a bit easier to control; i.e updated conductors and wireless controls.

So how do you know when you should rewire your home? Here are a few ways to identify if you should be calling in your local electrician to update your home’s wiring to ensure the safety and efficiency of your home:

Faulty outlets:

Are there electrical outlets in your home that don’t even work? Rewiring your home will ensure that all electricity outlets are working properly and to ensure the safety of your home. Faulty electricity outlets can also cause fuses to blow.

Blown Fuses:

Have you tried plugging in a appliance and the electricity in your house shuts down? This could happen when you have too many appliances plugged in at once. However, fuses shouldn’t blow if your rewiring is up to date. If this happens too often, contact your electrician to request a rewiring!

You’re going through a lot of light bulbs:

If you notice that your light bulbs are burning out faster than they should, this could be a sign that your home needs rewiring. Nowadays, light bulbs should last for months or even years. Therefore, contact your local electrician to survey your home if you notice that you’re going through a lot of light bulbs every month.

For your safety and security, CES Reactive work in compliance with NICEIC requirements, providing electrical testing on completion of all electrical work carried out to ensure that everything is installed to the highest standard.

For a full rewiring of your come, contact CES today and we’ll be more than happy to do a survey of your home and provide a quote. Don’t forget that we also price match!



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